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Jun 1

Dating Sucks, vol. 2

I’m a proud member of OKCupid.  Considering that the last girl I dated I met on Twitter, admitting that I meet women on websites designed for meeting women is actually less embarrassing.  It’s 2012 people meet on the internet now get over it.

Recently, I was a bit taken by one OKCupider in particular - a French-born fashion model.  (The online options really aren’t half-bad.)  We texted continuously for a few days and set a date.  I had to cancel due to work, as happens pretty regularly, and we had a bit of trouble rescheduling. Throughout that time, though, we continued to text and threw a few phone calls in for good measure.  Everything seemed like it was going swimmingly.

We planned to meet in Madison Square Park last night, get concretes from Shake Shack, and wander around.  We texted throughout the day, as we had since we started talking.  Before I got on the subway, I sent my customary on my way text: “Heading into the subway now, see you in 20 or so.”

I got to Madison Square Park and sat down on the benches outside the fence facing 23rd Street.  Fifteen minutes after she was supposed to arrive, I got a little nervous.  Five minutes after that, I texted her: “Hey, are you still coming?”

Thirty seconds later, my phone vibrated and I looked down.


  1. iopenmymouth said: No explanation or excuse?
  2. dannydlc said: I know I shouldn’t be laughing… but I’m laughing.
  3. practicallydunn said: Literally, the same thing happened to me. Guess it’s not just Chicago dating that sucks. No worries, her loss.
  4. cynicismandspunk said: I did this a lot when I online dated…I chickened out. (But, I’m not a french-born fashion model and lots of the guys on those things are a little iffy.) Girls can be assholes.
  5. hitchcockismyhomeboy said: To quote Friends (who does that?!): You don’t think she saw you and walked away, do you?!
  6. xoxogetdowngetfunky said: LOL. I bet you she’s fat and 48.
  7. thatgirlisstacked said: boo on her.
  8. newenglander said: …dating in (new york) sucks
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